Neon Tours Passport 4/Tour Gift Certificate

By Giant Orange Press (other events)

Sun, Jan 1 2017 4:00 PM Sun, Dec 31 2017 4:00 PM

How it works: Purchase 4 neon tours and we'll mail you this handsome passport booklet to use as a gift for your friends or yourself. Passports will be officially stamped at the end of each tour. Questions? Contact us. We will email you a Passport Code Number which allows the passport holder to make 4 pre-paid reservations for any neon walking tour listed on this site in 2017. Enter your passport code number as a discount code at checkout for individual tours. Or email us directly to schedule your tours: Any combination of 4 tours is possible: 1 person for 4 tours, 2 people for 2 tours, etc. Passports will be officially stamped at the end of the tour. Many neon fans like to go on all 4 tours...

Spend an evening under the neon glow with San Francisco Neon authors and photographers Al Barna and Randall Ann Homan. Tours feature local history with architectural and graphic design insights to San Francisco's unique legacy of surviving neon signs. Photography and a lively Q&A are encouraged. Be prepared to walk 2 miles for 1.5 hours, with rest stops. Tours start just before twiliglht.

Small Print: Requests for cancellation with full refund can be made 48 hours prior to the  tour start time. Please note that we reserve the right to change/cancel the tour due to obstructions, stormy weather, or insufficient reservations. Full refunds issued for canceled tours. All participants agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own safety, conduct, and well-being, and recognize that possible hazards exist while participating in outdoor (or any other) activities; and agree to participate solely at their own risk. If you join this group, and purchase tickets, and/or attend any Giant Orange Press events; it shall be conclusively presumed you understand and agree to this policy.